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I had forgotten how ‘creepy’ these were! Shame there were so few. I know there were some radio plays about a decade back but you’d think that the set up would be perfect for live theatre? Very minimal special effects would be needed to convey the presence of time/spirits/otherworldly entities. Great ghost story/whodunnit type narratives with plenty of character development possible over the 90 minutes of a play.


Watched this afternoon. Had forgotten how good it was for the time. Treating the space stuff as fairly serious [apart from the initial Moon escaping Earth orbit conceit]. The ‘design’ all seems very Kubrik 2001 workmanlike/believable. One of the ‘classic’ British TV series that you wonder why it never went big screen cinema?  Along with Blake’s Seven, UFO, etc



Very narrative inspiring magic realist artwork. … “surrealistic environments and industrialized cities of the past/future,”


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fractals III

Love the architectural island city aspect of this fractal landscape.


fractals II


fractals I



Art that is up my street; graphical, combinatorial, systemic.



No smartphone so haven’t played this game but the visuals look great.


rotherhithe tunnel

roth 1

Finally, after many years of wanting to, I went through the Rotherhithe tunnel under the Thames, on foot. It is a vehicular tunnel but bikes and pedestrians are allowed; only about 20 brave souls use it daily, apparently.

roth 2

Despite a bit of a petrol smell it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it would be [‘really’ narrow pavement, choking fumes, coughing up black tar afterwards]. It was only 7 am though. I saw two cyclists coming the other way. Shame the pedestrian stairs have been closed for 70 years though as it would make the trip much shorter. I guess I must have given the motorists something to gawp at? They can’t see too many runners?

roth 4

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