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rotherhithe tunnel

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Finally, after many years of wanting to, I went through the Rotherhithe tunnel under the Thames, on foot. It is a vehicular tunnel but bikes and pedestrians are allowed; only about 20 brave souls use it daily, apparently.

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Despite a bit of a petrol smell it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it would be [‘really’ narrow pavement, choking fumes, coughing up black tar afterwards]. It was only 7 am though. I saw two cyclists coming the other way. Shame the pedestrian stairs have been closed for 70 years though as it would make the trip much shorter. I guess I must have given the motorists something to gawp at? They can’t see too many runners?

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happy new year


Shigeki Tomura

It’s amazing how such nondescript, mundane juxtapositional still-lifes can have such a sublime, meditative, nature. How do they evoke such ‘spiritual’ memory patterns in our heads?

Shigeki Tomura


“It is very difficult to explain this feeling to anyone who is entirely without it. The individual feels the nothingness of human desires and aims and the sublimity and marvellous order which reveal themselves both in nature and the world of thought. He [the experiencer] looks upon individual existence as a sort of prison and wants to experience the universe as a single, significant whole”
–Albert Einstein



Interesting graphics.



An interesting article on the then new toy ‘slinky’ from 1953. Apparently if there was a staircase that descended to earth from space it would take a slinky just over 5 days to climb down the stairs at 0.8 seconds a step. Here’s the patent from 1946.





A great site documenting the markers that make up the Prime Meridian in London. I am hoping to cover some of the ground next week. Most probably don’t realise that there were at least three meridians over the years through Greenwich.


OW! Thrill seeking?



Some artworks are simply inspired, and should remain forever. But then the idea/memory remains. The simpliest ideas are often the biggest. Poetry.

ping pong

Everyone should have one; at least once in their life.


Sorry but the Pope’s reported comments today that “Religion is not an excuse for violence” and that “Catholics are not blameless when it comes to violence in the name of Religion” [NEVER?] and that he’d punch someone in the face if they insulted his mother have left me rather perplexed?


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