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What is the difference between browsing and surfing the Internet? Both words seem to imply a random trawl of the web; less directed than searching. But there is a middle way between directed and non-directed exploration?

Keying on HIGH RISE [specifically looking for J.G.Ballard novel of that name book cover art] led to a previously unknown band with album of that name.

So what then is name for a directed but loose search?

movie map

An interesting idea; films charted as a map of location action.



Fantastic cloth bound covers for classic books. Some are more abstract than others, but all turn on a pivotal moment from the story; not necessarily the event that might be imagined [which is what makes these covers so interesting].



Not a brand that had popped up on the radar before, but recently a few charity shop finds have highlighted the cleverness of this company. Make stuff [watches mostly] but package in a neatly designed tin which then becomes a collectable. Simples.


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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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A curated glimpse into a world of infinite beauty and creativity.

The Woodring Monitor

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Discovering London

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