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There can be ‘truth’ in a xmas cracker joke as much as in a holy book. The repetition of the mundane can become ritual and hence lend itself to the spiritual. Anything in opposition to the norm of the time can be enlightening. There of course no longer is any truth. Just a clock ticking.

stop making sense

It feels like a lifetime since part of the ‘art world’/London art scene or a functioning ‘writer’. Xmas downtime allowing old habit fall as it may perusal of ‘culture’, led to these two manifestations of ‘art’.

Would have seen this back in the day [17 years since Tate Mod opened!?]

Sensation and the everyday merged.  There are no more answers [if there ever were?] just a continuous stream of irrelevant questions, now that anything goes.


Currently reading some Koyzcan ‘stickboy‘ a Novel in Verse.


A brilliant, simple concept. Here. Richard McGuire. The story of the corner of a room.



F*k Disney. Yes the animations have a distinct charm but they are so bowdlerised and bland. Here’s to real adult fairy tales the way they were supposed to be told. Angela Carter style.


Great stuff. One of my most favourite films.


Missed this back in the day. Fascinating. Even a bit of politics.


bovine freedom

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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child

Big American Night

The Notebook of James A. Reeves


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A curated glimpse into a world of infinite beauty and creativity.

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