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Might be one to check out [missed on release]. Some of the stills look suitably minimalist and strangely more Beckett than Ballard? Critically praised but a dud at the box office, perhaps indicating that this type of story is always hard to translate to motion picture?

After all, the best thing about any Ballard work is the poetic prose style.


Interested in what the cover of the original novel says about the view of high rise buildings at the time they were printed. A shame that so called concrete brutalism stills gets short shrift.


I find it strange, with Ballard’s love of surrealism and Dali in particular, that this seems to be the most #non straight forward’ cover produced?

Certainly I like some of the current designs. more on the minimal than surreal side.


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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


one-off at the wrist


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one-off at the wrist

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