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Apocalypse of thought.

In Viktor Shklovsky’s 1916 essay, “Art as Technique,” he states that art’s aim “is to make objects ‘unfamiliar,’ to make forms difficult, to increase the difficulty and length of perception.” Through difficulty, through impeded progress (rather than through predictability and velocity), art offers us a return to apprehension and thought.


The less there was to see, the harder he looked, the more he saw. This was the point. To see what’s here, finally to look and to know you’re looking, to feel time passing, to be alive to what is happening in the smallest registers of motion.

Point Omega Don DeLillo re: Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho


stop making sense

It feels like a lifetime since part of the ‘art world’/London art scene or a functioning ‘writer’. Xmas downtime allowing old habit fall as it may perusal of ‘culture’, led to these two manifestations of ‘art’.

Would have seen this back in the day [17 years since Tate Mod opened!?]

Sensation and the everyday merged.  There are no more answers [if there ever were?] just a continuous stream of irrelevant questions, now that anything goes.

zimmer relax

Identity in Space

A very well thought out hypothesis. A personal favourite scene in this film. We could do with more considered critiquing of art and film.


I watched this bitter sweet Storyville last night. I visited Loch Arkaig about 25 years ago. I never nearly died, but the film touched a nerve. Perhaps just bank holiday blues.

This is a film about dreams, inspiration and the resonating power of hope.


2014-2015: 21. The Lost Gold of the Highlands




A great site documenting the markers that make up the Prime Meridian in London. I am hoping to cover some of the ground next week. Most probably don’t realise that there were at least three meridians over the years through Greenwich.


Some artworks are simply inspired, and should remain forever. But then the idea/memory remains. The simpliest ideas are often the biggest. Poetry.

life’s a beach


Or so they say. I do miss the abstract patterns mad by the tide on the beach. Not quite the same on the tiny sand banks you get along the Thames if you are lucky to be around when the tide is out.

It has always fascinated me that the movement of the water and the consistency of the sand have to be ‘just so’ to get these patterns. Nature is the best abstract painter/sculptor.


Whether you agree with his sentiment or not, you have to admire the 85 year old Gehry’s response to jornos that accused him of only building ‘for show’. His reply? “98% of current architecture is shit!” along with a flipped finger.


on a roll

There is probably a neologism in the English dictionary to describe the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ random search method? And the happy coincidence results that often pop up. I call it ‘chance accumulation by way of greedy eye’. In some ways a relation to the Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation game? Or the Douglas Adams’ detective Dirk Gently’s ‘fundamental interconnectedness of everything’ notion.


I am now acquainted with the music of Dimbodius after entering the search term ‘Sisyphus running’ [don’t ask] and being presented with, amongst many other things, some interesting illustrations from his album covers. Whoever said Sisyphus’ bolder had to be rounded? To make it a real punishment it almost certainly would not have been; boulders other than round can roll down hill after all.

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