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age gracefully

… keep moving! Another fav of mine. A mere 90 years old. To be in the new Mary Poppins movie apparently. I remember another under-rated actor Jack Palance [Attack! 1956 a superb ant-war film] doing push-ups [one-armed] at the Oscars in the early 1990s. Never too old.


Still going strong at just turned 100 years old! May be he and Olivia de Havilland should do something together?  Usually played the strong man but I most enjoy his comedy double acts with that other great Burt Lancaster. We won’t see the likes of the Golden Age actors again. Shame Zsa Zsa Gabor missed the ton by a few weeks.

queen’s speech

“emotional and psychological death”

The thing that strikes is the diction. Both the American poet [mid-Atlantic accent?] and the interviewer. Sets up poetry as verbal rather than textual [merely]. Strange this is the first thing I thought when I heard their voices, and that she talks about oral poetry in this interview.

I wonder if along with recording/archiving of languages that are dying out there is any similar exercise in preserving the sounds of language [accent/dialect/pronunciation]?

happy xmas





Beautiful idea.


Preservation has many meanings, from the physical to the spiritual. At the most basic – and perhaps the most important – level it can denote survival. Hence the idea of protection, inherent in the term. But while the word often implies a kind of stability, or even stasis, preservation also comes about through transformation: wild animal preserves come to exist only by being separated from hunting grounds; fruit preserves are made from hours and hours of boiling, creating a sweet, lasting essence.


Of course loving everything mechanical I find this absolutely fascinating.

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