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Zen circle

“Is this the moon? A rice cake? The top of a bucket? Or maybe just the bald head of a monk!”




Might be one to check out [missed on release]. Some of the stills look suitably minimalist and strangely more Beckett than Ballard? Critically praised but a dud at the box office, perhaps indicating that this type of story is always hard to translate to motion picture?

After all, the best thing about any Ballard work is the poetic prose style.


Interested in what the cover of the original novel says about the view of high rise buildings at the time they were printed. A shame that so called concrete brutalism stills gets short shrift.


I find it strange, with Ballard’s love of surrealism and Dali in particular, that this seems to be the most #non straight forward’ cover produced?

Certainly I like some of the current designs. more on the minimal than surreal side.


Zombie Tarot Cards

11_06_12_zombie6.jpgGreat collage project.

orange can

What is the difference between browsing and surfing the Internet? Both words seem to imply a random trawl of the web; less directed than searching. But there is a middle way between directed and non-directed exploration?

Keying on HIGH RISE [specifically looking for J.G.Ballard novel of that name book cover art] led to a previously unknown band with album of that name.

So what then is name for a directed but loose search?

movie map

An interesting idea; films charted as a map of location action.



Fantastic cloth bound covers for classic books. Some are more abstract than others, but all turn on a pivotal moment from the story; not necessarily the event that might be imagined [which is what makes these covers so interesting].



Not a brand that had popped up on the radar before, but recently a few charity shop finds have highlighted the cleverness of this company. Make stuff [watches mostly] but package in a neatly designed tin which then becomes a collectable. Simples.



Never mind the protest [they come and go] but the Trump baby inflatable is a design classic; should be available to buy at a smaller scale.



Great minimalised designs for everything from book covers to movie posters to superheroes reimagined as ice lollies.



In the best Dan Brown Indiana Jones style the film National Treasure serves up a warming slice of esoteric who-how-dunnit that fascinates with the real world connections that the writers have managed to shoehorn into the narrative.


Indeed there really was a Silence Dogood used as a pseudonym by Benjamin Franklin to get his letters published in his local newspaper. The rest of the secret societies [Masons and knights templar again], and lemon juice cryptography and buried treasure is pretty standard fare but the way real history, people and places have been woven into the story is highly satisfying.


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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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