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Some things stick in you head for a very long time [and you forget where the memory flash come from]. I never even realised this is the same actor/vocalist that was later in the film The Running Man.

A very haunting tune. Erland van Lidth (1953-1987)



missed this


dance for me

I love the way the bell ding from the fuel pump is factored in to the start of the scene/music. A treatise on language/communication/connection [verbal and musical].


so far

Sofa outside years before Friends and certain bank adverts. Very underrated band [only 4 albums] from the mid 1980s, but apparently a long lost album surfaced last year?

music died?

bib el

Recently picked up a lovely large print Broadman & Holman King James Bible 1998 with faux leather cover and gold edged pages. Always found something magical about bible rice paper pages.


As with most, I have always believed the Guttenberg propaganda about ‘firsts’; though I must admit I did always think it a bit strange [technology usually follows some idea and I could never believe the idea only sprung into existence in the 15th century].

This is why you have to be very careful with language.

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