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I must admit these are awesome products for the horror season.


Bear sleeping bag

Knitted heart

Knitted heart

Blood splattered wallpaper

Blood splattered wallpaper

Chopping board

Chopping board

Zombie teddy bear

Zombie teddy bear


Farewell Boleyn

I see the owners of West Ham Utd are trying to cash in on the demise of their football ground 1904 – 2016. Shameful. But a smart business move as I am sure that there will be many, many takers.


Having been around many grounds as a steward and in many function and board rooms on courses/conferences etc I have to say on one level they are just buildings; and pretty much all the same.

The impact on the location and the place in the hearts of fans however is another matter. Several traditional local businesses have already closed [pie and mash shops, public houses] and I can only see that trend continue when West Ham moves out completely in 2016.


Yes, the Olympic stadium had to go somewhere.  Yes, the resulting regeneration around Stratford is welcomed. Yes, the stadium had to have a purpose post games and a football team was certain to be involved. The Hammers were the logical choice [despite fans objections].

If they are smart they will also sell off the seats, the turf, and the crushed remains of the towers [just like the Berlin Wall rubble]. If they are smart the goal areas will remain as open spaces around the planned redevelopment. What will happen to the champions statue though? Relocation?


Tradition is now just something for the rich to own and the poor to be nostalgic about? The past merely something that can be sold. Perhaps it was always this way. Still, football used to be a game for real men; now they’re all overpaid cry baby actors.

Check out this site for some old time football grounds.


Whether you agree with his sentiment or not, you have to admire the 85 year old Gehry’s response to jornos that accused him of only building ‘for show’. His reply? “98% of current architecture is shit!” along with a flipped finger.


poppy inflation

I posted a couple of years back already about not being able to find a poppy to buy for Remembrance, even though only days from November 11th. This year I find  myself annoyed at the creep of ‘marked dates’. Yes this year is rather memorable given the W.W I associations but …

I spent a morning planting poppies in August

I spent a morning planting poppies in August. Great to see the moat nearly filled.

Whilst there is no official sanctioned start date to the commemorative season I have noticed the last few years the same earlier and earlier start date, as with Xmas. Personally I think that is wrong-headed. Christmas these days has become little more for most than an excuse to engage in profiteering? Capitalism at its worst. Start date the end of August!

Politicians are especially to blame for poppy inflation in my opinion. Who will be seen to be the first to start wearing a poppy? Surely that means they are more caring souls than those [the vast majority] that do not choose to wear a poppy at all?

Wrong-headed? Yes. Keeping the act of Remembrance to after Halloween seems to have some kind of logic [and dignity?] and a more concentrated act of observance is actually more visible rather than less. Otherwise why not simply wear your poppy all year round as a fashion statement.



Could/should have been a classic but ended up a B-movie that few probably know about? Not easy to put your finger on why it doesn’t work exactly? Decent script, good actors, fantastic scenery/locations, dialogue somewhat predictable for this genre but perfectly okay, music is the usual grand fare [with one slightly out of place modern Then Jericho track], but the editing seems a little strange so perhaps there is missing footage?


Certainly could have been a Mad Max type hit. Instead, although only made in 1989, the film is already in the public domain. It would work very well as a graphic novel or even a novel if the story was extended? And definitely room for other world building tales.

I recently purchased a copy of the film so something about it has stuck in my head for the last 25 years.

on a roll

There is probably a neologism in the English dictionary to describe the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ random search method? And the happy coincidence results that often pop up. I call it ‘chance accumulation by way of greedy eye’. In some ways a relation to the Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation game? Or the Douglas Adams’ detective Dirk Gently’s ‘fundamental interconnectedness of everything’ notion.


I am now acquainted with the music of Dimbodius after entering the search term ‘Sisyphus running’ [don’t ask] and being presented with, amongst many other things, some interesting illustrations from his album covers. Whoever said Sisyphus’ bolder had to be rounded? To make it a real punishment it almost certainly would not have been; boulders other than round can roll down hill after all.


I am always amazed by what you can pick up for a song if you keep your eyes open. Today my local library was flogging books for 20p each. I picked up about a dozen books, some to go for children at school, some no doubt to read they pass on, and a couple to definitely keep.


One is Quentin Blake’s Clown from 1996. I have loved his work since I first saw it as a child [either illustrating Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or an Agaton Sax adventure]. This is a wordless gem about a thrown away toy.


Whether it be from horror films, World War II history, urban myths, there is always something fascinating about the secrets that lie beneath our feet. This is especially so when the alleged undergroundness is beneath a major city.


Despite Governments now selling rights to the ground beneath our feet [or the ground beneath the ground beneath our feet] there is something almost primeval in the need to believe we own where we stand? There can be nothing more frightening in horror movies than the zombie/infected breaking through the floorboards to drag an otherwise vigilant victim down with them to hell. Simply we never expect attack from below? Perhaps this is why in warfare tunnellers have always been despised?


Most intriguing of all are the tales of corridors connecting otherwise disparate places, with entrances to such tunnels through otherwise nondescript facades.


Brilliant work by Dave McKean. Storytelling for grown ups. Painters and poets and jazz musicians and mad men and kings and cats. McKean is a long-time collaborator with Neil Gaiman on The Sandman series. This huge 500 page brick of a graphic novel is much more ‘illustration’ than his usual cut up/collage/photo/drawing style, which nicely highlights his drawing skills.


What is it about weightlessness that haunts our dreams? A return to the womb? A desire to overcome the limitations of our feeble bodies under the predictable constraints of a clockwork physical universe? A remembrance of our time as birds/angels? Arguably, though related, weightlessness is different to flying/floating/falling which are all in some way active or imply another agent [floating suggests on something].

Travellers Caught in a Sudden breeze at Ejiri (c.1832), Hokusai (1760-1849)

Is this why we thrill at the Indian rope trick, the Kung Fu artists that can ‘levitate’, the idea of escape from harm in a plummeting lift through jumping at precisely the right moment?


Julie De Waroquier

In our day and age it is difficult to visually represent this ‘feeling’/notion; once we know Klein’s Leap into the Void photograph was doctored, once we understand how digital manipulation can airbrush out bubbles [I love that term in an underwater photograph context], how trick photography works, how the camera can capture an event that was staged dozens of times to get just the right shot…


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