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The Sons of Lee Marvin

 I love the [‘improvised’ seems the wrong word] scene in Point Blank [a favourite film] where Marvin remains silent [unscripted and confused the actress, as it was supposed to be a dialogue]. But especially the ‘walk-over’ soundtrack scene which prefigures it. Footsteps? heartbeat? relentless thought pattern? slow applause from a non-audience? echoed metaphysical gunshots? literal dead man walking. Eponymous action. Doppelgänger.


Circuit bending toys.




Beautiful idea.


Preservation has many meanings, from the physical to the spiritual. At the most basic – and perhaps the most important – level it can denote survival. Hence the idea of protection, inherent in the term. But while the word often implies a kind of stability, or even stasis, preservation also comes about through transformation: wild animal preserves come to exist only by being separated from hunting grounds; fruit preserves are made from hours and hours of boiling, creating a sweet, lasting essence.

chess sets

Strange how things stick in your head and don’t let go and you return to them again and again.

“re-animated, re-configured and re-claimed object a Readymake

It is still the Knight that enthrals me. I would happily have a whole game set just with these pieces. Truth be told whilst there are hundreds of great chess piece designs, I have never found a whole set where I am 100% delighted with all of the pieces.


Man Ray bishop

The best option might be a set of disparate but complementer pieces? Getting the weight, material, colour/tone of all the pieces to ‘match’ would be a very interesting occupation/hobby. Sounds like a new pastime/meme to me.

brainstorm palimpsest scrapbook

something with a Chinese puzzle ball base

eggshaped-weighted-base non-topple Castle in the Pyrenes Magritte rook
Duchamp knight
Man Ray bishop
a queen with a slowmotion splash crown
Calvert-esque stupa king sans cross
Elongated neck Cluedo-gamepiece-like Staunton pawn




The great Thomas Dolby


Of course loving everything mechanical I find this absolutely fascinating.


A strange little anime. Part love story, part Japanese love of ultimate war weapons and mass destruction. Quite poignant.

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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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The Woodring Monitor

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Jacket Mechanical

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Discovering London

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