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I read the John Christopher books as a kid and the idea of ‘capping’ scared the hell out of me. The War of the Worlds-esque tripods less so strangely.

<3 vinegar

This made me laugh. Yes there are also anti-valentines day events springing up too.



OW! Thrill seeking?



Sorry but the Pope’s reported comments today that “Religion is not an excuse for violence” and that “Catholics are not blameless when it comes to violence in the name of Religion” [NEVER?] and that he’d punch someone in the face if they insulted his mother have left me rather perplexed?


running around

40 laps of a 2km course for a 50 mile race today.


Off home tomorrow so hope the customs control/passport men at the airport don’t mistake my wobbly legs tired/stiff walk for anything suspicious!?


on a roll

There is probably a neologism in the English dictionary to describe theĀ ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ random search method? And the happy coincidence results that often pop up. I call it ‘chance accumulation by way of greedy eye’. In some ways a relation to the Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation game? Or the Douglas Adams’ detective Dirk Gently’s ‘fundamental interconnectedness of everything’ notion.


I am now acquainted with the music of Dimbodius after entering the search term ‘Sisyphus running’ [don’t ask] and being presented with, amongst many other things, some interesting illustrations from his album covers. Whoever said Sisyphus’ bolder had to be rounded? To make it a real punishment it almost certainly would not have been; boulders other than round can roll down hill after all.

Snow White

As a lover of everything ‘fairy tale’, I am enjoying the slightly surreal and somewhat macabre images of young photographer Rebecca Heskey.


So the girl picks a rose; pricks her finger on the thorn; bleeds; screams; falls.

Angela Carter, The Snow Child


child care

What an amazing image. Shows how far our notions of childcare have evolved over the last few decades [I seem to recall a certain Jackson being castigated for dangling an infant over a balcony not too many moons ago]. These ‘child cages’ were intended for those that lived in apartments, to ensure their children received enough sunlight and fresh air [1937].


Also our knowledge of the function of vitamins.

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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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