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An interesting article on the then new toy ‘slinky’ from 1953. Apparently if there was a staircase that descended to earth from space it would take a slinky just over 5 days to climb down the stairs at 0.8 seconds a step. Here’s the patent from 1946.





A great site documenting the markers that make up the Prime Meridian in London. I am hoping to cover some of the ground next week. Most probably don’t realise that there were at least three meridians over the years through Greenwich.


OW! Thrill seeking?



Some artworks are simply inspired, and should remain forever. But then the idea/memory remains. The simpliest ideas are often the biggest. Poetry.

ping pong

Everyone should have one; at least once in their life.


Sorry but the Pope’s reported comments today that “Religion is not an excuse for violence” and that “Catholics are not blameless when it comes to violence in the name of Religion” [NEVER?] and that he’d punch someone in the face if they insulted his mother have left me rather perplexed?



The immortal chess game from 1851 [Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky].

life’s a beach


Or so they say. I do miss the abstract patterns mad by the tide on the beach. Not quite the same on the tiny sand banks you get along the Thames if you are lucky to be around when the tide is out.

It has always fascinated me that the movement of the water and the consistency of the sand have to be ‘just so’ to get these patterns. Nature is the best abstract painter/sculptor.

seaside II

Another artist whose works I like due to a landscape/abstract merger. Peter Knight. I love the hard edge style and colour palette. The seaside is the one thing I miss when away from Jersey.

peter knight


An artist whose work I really like due to a clever merging of style and genre  [landscape and abstract] Graham Tovey. I always try to find some of his art when back in Jersey. There is something about his colour palette that I find extremely seductive.



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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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