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A Wrinkle in Time

This illustration for Don Dellio’s Point Omega minds me of Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt wallscreen/virtual reality room. A walk-in movie made real?

The anti-movie. The single camera position. The expressionless actor. The shot extended to its ultimate limit in time. David sees this as “part dream, part fiction, part movies,” which also sounds like a prophetic summing up of the novel Point Omega.

GEOFF DYER Sunday Book Review: New York Times

What will happen from next year with Big Ben being out for repair? A Darren Almond flip-clock projection onto the side of Elizabeth Tower? A booming recording of the earliest striking/chiming?



Apocalypse of thought.

In Viktor Shklovsky’s 1916 essay, “Art as Technique,” he states that art’s aim “is to make objects ‘unfamiliar,’ to make forms difficult, to increase the difficulty and length of perception.” Through difficulty, through impeded progress (rather than through predictability and velocity), art offers us a return to apprehension and thought.


The less there was to see, the harder he looked, the more he saw. This was the point. To see what’s here, finally to look and to know you’re looking, to feel time passing, to be alive to what is happening in the smallest registers of motion.

Point Omega Don DeLillo re: Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho



The front cover of the French version of Here by Richard McQuire. Just like a Hopper painting it seems full of potential, intrigue and threat?

Future By Design



Spandeau and Lenin what a great juxtaposition.

king of the universe

Wizard bloke. Some people should be made king of the universe, Mr Lydon is one of them. Shame his message has never been really understood?

Carlton Tavern


Unfortunately with public house trade down [due to stay at home drinkers] and the ever-increasing pressure on housing in the capital, demolition of this nature is sure to increase.

The fact that developers must have known that plans were afoot to get the pub grade II listed, and that it was loved by the local community, just makes their actions more vile.

I have no doubts that they will just get a little smack on the wrist fine [something they will have known/accepted ahead of time] and housing development will go ahead anyway. It would be ridiculous to try to make them put things back as they were.

The only way to prevent this type of situation happening in future is to have a law that forces any such wrongdoers to hand over ALL profits from any such developments to English Heritage.

That and a ‘hit squad’ of activists that can bus it around to any disputed locations, to lie in front of bulldozers in the best Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy style?

pillar box

Noticed whilst back in Jersey, a pillar box without a royal cypher mark. It must therefore be an early example [1883-87] as these ‘anonymous’ boxes are apparently quite rare. It does seem to have the remains of a bracket on the top however.

I hope the noteworthy boxes survive! As many are under threat.


new year getaway


Luca Vuerich hut

This mountain-top hut with a sweeping panoramic view of the Julian Alps in Italy is free to stay for anyone who knocks on its door.

Except, you’ll have to hike 8,300ft up Foronon del Buinz Mountain to get to it.


last orders


Running around yesterday really made me appreciate just how many public houses we are losing. Visitors to the UK often remark how many pubs there are; thinking we are all therefore alcoholics. They of course don’t realise that at one point in history the pub was almost the only place to get fluid to drink that wouldn’t result in Cholera or some other nasty disease/infection, and that beer was only the strength of today’s Shandy.


On one short stretch of Barking [opposite Abbey Green] I noticed that the Lion has been culled [residential], the Bull has gone to the abattoir [boarded up], and the Horse sent to the knackers yard [boarded up].


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