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Fantastic art. A modern fairytale set within a fantasy architectural environment.



A brilliant, simple concept. Here. Richard McGuire. The story of the corner of a room.



Great stuff. One of my most favourite films.


I watched this bitter sweet Storyville last night. I visited Loch Arkaig about 25 years ago. I never nearly died, but the film touched a nerve. Perhaps just bank holiday blues.

This is a film about dreams, inspiration and the resonating power of hope.


2014-2015: 21. The Lost Gold of the Highlands


Etam Cru. High Class street art. Graffiti just doesn’t do it justice. A strong, slightly surreal, narrative element. Loving it.

This is the kind of urban art that authorities should welcome/encourage [with resident’s permission of course] as what is more boring than a blank gable end?

Etam Cru


I found this puzzle last week in a newspaper. Similar to traditional plank puzzles. Looks interesting. You have to read the instructions carefully, as not obvious that you may have ‘more than one’ bridge between pairs of islands [but not more than two]. In some ways a higher maths dot-to-dot.



Watched this afternoon. Had forgotten how good it was for the time. Treating the space stuff as fairly serious [apart from the initial Moon escaping Earth orbit conceit]. The ‘design’ all seems very Kubrik 2001 workmanlike/believable. One of the ‘classic’ British TV series that you wonder why it never went big screen cinema?  Along with Blake’s Seven, UFO, etc

rotherhithe tunnel

roth 1

Finally, after many years of wanting to, I went through the Rotherhithe tunnel under the Thames, on foot. It is a vehicular tunnel but bikes and pedestrians are allowed; only about 20 brave souls use it daily, apparently.

roth 2

Despite a bit of a petrol smell it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought it would be [‘really’ narrow pavement, choking fumes, coughing up black tar afterwards]. It was only 7 am though. I saw two cyclists coming the other way. Shame the pedestrian stairs have been closed for 70 years though as it would make the trip much shorter. I guess I must have given the motorists something to gawp at? They can’t see too many runners?

roth 4



An interesting article on the then new toy ‘slinky’ from 1953. Apparently if there was a staircase that descended to earth from space it would take a slinky just over 5 days to climb down the stairs at 0.8 seconds a step. Here’s the patent from 1946.





A great site documenting the markers that make up the Prime Meridian in London. I am hoping to cover some of the ground next week. Most probably don’t realise that there were at least three meridians over the years through Greenwich.

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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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