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Currently reading some Koyzcan ‘stickboy‘ a Novel in Verse.



A brilliant, simple concept. Here. Richard McGuire. The story of the corner of a room.



F*k Disney. Yes the animations have a distinct charm but they are so bowdlerised and bland. Here’s to real adult fairy tales the way they were supposed to be told. Angela Carter style.


Missed this back in the day. Fascinating. Even a bit of politics.



I only got 70% but apparently that makes we ‘well read’?

Your score: 7/10  You are extremely well read!


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Plastic People

Out Zappering Zapper? Still going after 40 years +


I am always amazed by what you can pick up for a song if you keep your eyes open. Today my local library was flogging books for 20p each. I picked up about a dozen books, some to go for children at school, some no doubt to read they pass on, and a couple to definitely keep.


One is Quentin Blake’s Clown from 1996. I have loved his work since I first saw it as a child [either illustrating Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or an Agaton Sax adventure]. This is a wordless gem about a thrown away toy.


Brilliant work by Dave McKean. Storytelling for grown ups. Painters and poets and jazz musicians and mad men and kings and cats. McKean is a long-time collaborator with Neil Gaiman on The Sandman series. This huge 500 page brick of a graphic novel is much more ‘illustration’ than his usual cut up/collage/photo/drawing style, which nicely highlights his drawing skills.

finnegans wake illustrated

Looking like a wonderful book. All books of substance should be made this way. I wonder what is considered the most beautiful book ever made? Presumably a medieval handwritten and illuminated or a later hand printed and bound tome? I’d guess that any such book would have to [by our modern day standards] seem closer to an artwork/artist’s book?


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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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