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secret agent

Shame I didn’t pay full attention when the xmas puzzles by GCHQ¬†were put out, as right up my street.





Simple concept, well done. Especially like the fact that the ‘gizmo’ for affecting cloning is not a gizmo, just a hole in the grass.

Jacek Yerka

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tower of subconsiousness


blind forest


This game is looking like a winner? Ori and the Blind Forest. A traditional type platformer but the visuals look scrumptious. These are the ‘simple’ games that all to easily become totally immersive; especially if you have an enormous screen to play on with surround sound.


I found a new puzzle today. Based on ‘traditional’ or maybe I should say the ‘regular’ Sudoku puzzle. The little extra twist is interesting, but what I most like is the strong design graphic it presents.



I found this puzzle last week in a newspaper. Similar to traditional plank puzzles. Looks interesting. You have to read the instructions carefully, as not obvious that you may have ‘more than one’ bridge between pairs of islands [but not more than two]. In some ways a higher maths dot-to-dot.


heavy elements

I had forgotten how ‘creepy’ these were! Shame there were so few. I know there were some radio plays about a decade back but you’d think that the set up would be perfect for live theatre? Very minimal special effects would be needed to convey the presence of time/spirits/otherworldly entities. Great ghost story/whodunnit type narratives with plenty of character development possible over the 90 minutes of a play.


Art that is up my street; graphical, combinatorial, systemic.



No smartphone so haven’t played this game but the visuals look great.


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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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