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The great Thomas Dolby

king of the universe

Wizard bloke. Some people should be made king of the universe, Mr Lydon is one of them. Shame his message has never been really understood?

bovine freedom



Interesting graphics.

Plastic People

Out Zappering Zapper? Still going after 40 years +



Could/should have been a classic but ended up a B-movie that few probably know about? Not easy to put your finger on why it doesn’t work exactly? Decent script, good actors, fantastic scenery/locations, dialogue somewhat predictable for this genre but perfectly okay, music is the usual grand fare [with one slightly out of place modern Then Jericho track], but the editing seems a little strange so perhaps there is missing footage?


Certainly could have been a Mad Max type hit. Instead, although only made in 1989, the film is already in the public domain. It would work very well as a graphic novel or even a novel if the story was extended? And definitely room for other world building tales.

I recently purchased a copy of the film so something about it has stuck in my head for the last 25 years.

on a roll

There is probably a neologism in the English dictionary to describe the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ random search method? And the happy coincidence results that often pop up. I call it ‘chance accumulation by way of greedy eye’. In some ways a relation to the Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation game? Or the Douglas Adams’ detective Dirk Gently’s ‘fundamental interconnectedness of everything’ notion.


I am now acquainted with the music of Dimbodius after entering the search term ‘Sisyphus running’ [don’t ask] and being presented with, amongst many other things, some interesting illustrations from his album covers. Whoever said Sisyphus’ bolder had to be rounded? To make it a real punishment it almost certainly would not have been; boulders other than round can roll down hill after all.

rock on

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