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blind forest


This game is looking like a winner? Ori and the Blind Forest. A traditional type platformer but the visuals look scrumptious. These are the ‘simple’ games that all to easily become totally immersive; especially if you have an enormous screen to play on with surround sound.


I found a new puzzle today. Based on ‘traditional’ or maybe I should say the ‘regular’ Sudoku puzzle. The little extra twist is interesting, but what I most like is the strong design graphic it presents.


VR the return

I saw an ad in the paper the other day with the title, “Is 2015 the year of Virtual Reality?”, and an illustration of a man wearing what looks like a diving mask. Reminded me of the early 90s TV show with Craig Charles, and how we all thought it was so cool. Despite big promises [just like personal jet packs/helicopters/moon cities promised in the 70s] nothing has materialised yet.

I haven’t watched TV for several years now, but it seems the 90s were a golden era for everything tech and interactive? From the Crystal Maze to Gamesmaster to Robot Wars to …

But then I haven’t been a gamer since the days of Tomb Raider, Oddworld Abe’s Odyssey, Resident Evil, etc. Was that really already the late 90s early oos.


Art that is up my street; graphical, combinatorial, systemic.



No smartphone so haven’t played this game but the visuals look great.





A great site documenting the markers that make up the Prime Meridian in London. I am hoping to cover some of the ground next week. Most probably don’t realise that there were at least three meridians over the years through Greenwich.


An artist whose work I really like due to a clever merging of style and genre  [landscape and abstract] Graham Tovey. I always try to find some of his art when back in Jersey. There is something about his colour palette that I find extremely seductive.



pillar box

Noticed whilst back in Jersey, a pillar box without a royal cypher mark. It must therefore be an early example [1883-87] as these ‘anonymous’ boxes are apparently quite rare. It does seem to have the remains of a bracket on the top however.

I hope the noteworthy boxes survive! As many are under threat.


last orders


Running around yesterday really made me appreciate just how many public houses we are losing. Visitors to the UK often remark how many pubs there are; thinking we are all therefore alcoholics. They of course don’t realise that at one point in history the pub was almost the only place to get fluid to drink that wouldn’t result in Cholera or some other nasty disease/infection, and that beer was only the strength of today’s Shandy.


On one short stretch of Barking [opposite Abbey Green] I noticed that the Lion has been culled [residential], the Bull has gone to the abattoir [boarded up], and the Horse sent to the knackers yard [boarded up].


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