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Spandeau and Lenin what a great juxtaposition.


king of the universe

Wizard bloke. Some people should be made king of the universe, Mr Lydon is one of them. Shame his message has never been really understood?


if only

Carlton Tavern


Unfortunately with public house trade down [due to stay at home drinkers] and the ever-increasing pressure on housing in the capital, demolition of this nature is sure to increase.

The fact that developers must have known that plans were afoot to get the pub grade II listed, and that it was loved by the local community, just makes their actions more vile.

I have no doubts that they will just get a little smack on the wrist fine [something they will have known/accepted ahead of time] and housing development will go ahead anyway. It would be ridiculous to try to make them put things back as they were.

The only way to prevent this type of situation happening in future is to have a law that forces any such wrongdoers to hand over ALL profits from any such developments to English Heritage.

That and a ‘hit squad’ of activists that can bus it around to any disputed locations, to lie in front of bulldozers in the best Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy style?

heavy elements

I had forgotten how ‘creepy’ these were! Shame there were so few. I know there were some radio plays about a decade back but you’d think that the set up would be perfect for live theatre? Very minimal special effects would be needed to convey the presence of time/spirits/otherworldly entities. Great ghost story/whodunnit type narratives with plenty of character development possible over the 90 minutes of a play.


Very narrative inspiring magic realist artwork. … “surrealistic environments and industrialized cities of the past/future,”


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Plastic People

Out Zappering Zapper? Still going after 40 years +

Riddley Walker

I have finally managed to find a copy of Russell Hoban’s book from a library. I did of course see the book back in the 80s, with the bright Mr Punch cover, but never twigged what the narrative was about’ I think I believed it to be some kind of political satire in the Yes Prime Minister mould, kind of Spitting Image.


If I had known it was post-apocalyptic …

A good source of info.

umbrella academy



A very interesting graphic novel in the mysterious births, super powers children, secret society mould. Beautifully coloured, witty, surreal.

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Running the entire tube network to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK and War Child


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