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F*k Disney. Yes the animations have a distinct charm but they are so bowdlerised and bland. Here’s to real adult fairy tales the way they were supposed to be told. Angela Carter style.


Great stuff. One of my most favourite films.


Missed this back in the day. Fascinating. Even a bit of politics.


Simple concept, well done. Especially like the fact that the ‘gizmo’ for affecting cloning is not a gizmo, just a hole in the grass.


Watched this afternoon. Had forgotten how good it was for the time. Treating the space stuff as fairly serious [apart from the initial Moon escaping Earth orbit conceit]. The ‘design’ all seems very Kubrik 2001 workmanlike/believable. One of the ‘classic’ British TV series that you wonder why it never went big screen cinema?  Along with Blake’s Seven, UFO, etc

ex machina

Movies about AI seem to e becoming more mainstream? This looks like it might be fun? Wonderful what they can do with green screen and computers these days. I wonder if anyone will ever go back and digitally alter older films, to update the clunky [but good for their time] SFX?

There were tweaks to the final final final director’s super special final cut of Blade Runner [director’s final cut], so perhaps the idea isn’t too fanciful? I seem to recall an A. C. Clark novel where a character was an editor who went through old films to remove all instances of smoking [hard to do for Noir], unless I am imagining that?



Labyrinth II and The Dark Crystal II. With lots of modern tech and no ‘puppets’? Would be a shame, so hope not.

Twin Peaks series III sounds even more intriguing/appalling. Where can it go? If there had been no top n tailing Fire Walk with Me then perhaps [as Dale Copper was seen in the lodge as an old man] there could have been a 25 years later continuation without too much trouble? In fact that would have been a quite neat trick.


Classics should be left alone in my opinion. Yes you allow a new audience to engage but … [Dallas the reboot] cult books/movies etc are of their time for a reason.

Apparently even Ghost in the Shell is gonna get a live action Hollywood make. Just as The Equalizer recently had a filmic version. Jesus get some new ideas guys.

hazy autumnal sun

Pouring down with rain outside and I’m minded of the smoky protective tint scrolling down the windows in Tyrell’s apartment in Blade Runner, Tetragrammaton Cleric John Preston peeling away the obscurificating window film to see his city for the first time through emotioned eyes in Equilibrium, Bob Shaw’s slow glass in Light of Other Days.


East of West

Another graphic novel I have enjoyed starting to read recently. East of West by Hickman/Dragotta/Martin. A post-apocalyptic sci-fi western with the ‘biblical’ four horsemen.


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