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Doobey doobey do. To revisit your youth or not? Always a tough call on something you loved at the time, [and you were rather narked that others – en masse – seemed to also ‘get’] has stayed with you mentally for decades, and has plagued your ‘what if’ scenarios ever since.


I have to admit I never watched the Fire Walk With Me film [nothing to do with reviews]. And it has been a year already since the reboot/continuation of the Twin Peaks saga. I have recently viewed some clips/reviews and there seems to be a lot of Lynchesqueness going on [which I love]. I do not mind at all that characters/actors are now older. But there seems to be a downgrading of quality? The bad language [I am in no way a prude] perhaps just the clips I have seen, seems completely unnecessary.

I am interested in the esoterica especially of the seeming references to Kristian Birkeland and his terrella experiment, and am always fascinated how Lynch brings non-mainstream information to a mass audience [without them knowing?] but for anyone that was there back in the day, is the ‘weirdness’ now just seeming strange for seeming strange? Like seeing a magician perform the same illusion time after time it loses its mystery?


I have ordered the two recent Mark Frost books out of interest [more due to their structure than any ‘insights’ they may bring] and think it a shame that he never got more credit for his work on the Twin Peaks co-creation. I am always a fan of coalescing unrelated [actually/factually] but atmosphere/feeling-wise strains of information to form a cohesive narrative.





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one-off at the wrist


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