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there be morons

The internet has become so weird, so saturated with cats and lists and Buzzfeed quizzes that it’s difficult to know what’s serious and what’s a spoof any more.

Fascinating article on the ‘death’ of satire and the birth of the [satire] tag. Almost as if Burrough’s ‘everything is permissible’ has come to bite our ass? Language is in meltdown. The problem is, just because TRUTH has become such a problematic notion, it is now believed there is no such thing? In our long trek down from the trees with our enlarged capacity brains, we are ‘sophisticating’ ourselves out of existence.

Lots of great words/phrases in the article.
clickbait, satire-blindness, the unhelpful friction of thought,

Interesting ‘fact’; Apparently the average American attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds; in 2013, it was eight seconds. Sure to get even lower? Research shows that war vets brain chemistry actually changes due to ‘stress’ hormones; hence partly their difficulty in ‘calming down’ and re-entering ‘polite’ society. Arguably we are now all subject to/engaged daily with a similar type of hyped up-always on-no rest for the wicked environment.

Loved this article comment

Real life is the new satire.

I wonder whether I did live through the 1980s? Satire seemed to be so healthy then. Indeed one might imagine/argue that it did much to ‘control’ the excess of politicians? Now everything has deniable plausibility. Whilst coming from a good ideal, PC has been the death of real communication. Everything said/written can be viewed as ‘anti’ something/one. Free speech … pah! What a quaint notion. Where’s the $£ in that?


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