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Sometimes you are just too late for the party. This looked like such a great [but hugely ambitious] idea. Logging all the connections/references between the places, people, brands, works of art, and even drinks mentioned in different works of fiction and across all media platforms. What a massive cataloguing exercise that would have been.

Unfortunately smalldemons doesn’t seem to have survived funding problems? I am sure at some point it will return as it is just too good an idea. Just as with product placement in movies, a database that can list song tracks [that you can then download] or innumerable other items that you can then be connected with and perhaps purchase. In fact may be this is the future of literature? Barely disguised narrative selling wares; rather than ideas.

Yes indeed that old exquisite corpse type parlour game, where you read some text and leave blanks that others fill in with pre-decided but random words. So, self-print books that fill in the sponsors’ names as per author royalty arrangements. Just as you can now order personalised books [where your name is added as a character]; seems a bit Fahrenheit 451 with its  interactive ‘family’ telescreen soap opera. The ultimate ‘me’ generation accessory?

Strangely enough I saw [first time in years] the movie Demolition Man last night and was at first a little confused. Then I realised the restaurant name had been changed from Taco Bell to Pizza Hut.

Apparently for some non-American releases, references to Taco Bell were changed to Pizza Hut because the latter had a much larger share of foreign fast food markets in the early 1990s [I only recall one Taco Bell in London, near Olympia, years ago]. These changes to the movie included dubbing and changing the logos during post-production.

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