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24 hour people

I recall seeing 24 Hour Psycho [part of] at the Chisenhale Gallery in East London in 2001 or 2002? Though I regret having given up after only 6 hours. Strangely I can’t remember whether it was the side-by-side presentation, with the film projected once running forwards and once running backwards, called 24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro. Not something you’d think could be forgotten, but I did see an awful lot of art in those days; over 500 shows in those 2 years alone.

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of giving the movie American Psycho the same treatment? Would it hold up as well? I guess the biggest bar on such endeavours is the cost of the venue hire and the small return on the investment. Whereas it might be viable to program a 24 hour showing of 24 say, or Twin Peaks or any other such long duration narrative, in real time, I’d doubt there was much call for incredibly slow ‘watching paint dry’ type films? After all, Warhol’s long, slow films aren’t exactly riveting viewing?

Andy Warhol’s Empire (10 minute excerpt from 8 hour film)


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