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Point Omega

Finally got around to reading one of the books I’ve had in a pile for months, Point Omega by Don Delillo. A slim book but that is the way I believe most books should be; I think the modern novel is nought but a bloated corpse, on the whole; or if not yet quite dead then a body suffocating under its own verbiage.

This small effort might to some also seem bloated in a fashion, due to its extremely sparse, rigorous form. But personally I love this kind of concentrated almost poetical writing, which requires attentive reading.

Of note are the ‘scenes’ that include reference to/character interaction with, Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho; a slowed down to 24 hours showing of Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho.


“People entered in twos and threes and they stood in the dark and looked at the screen and then they left. Sometimes they hardly moved past the doorway, larger groups wandering in, tourists in a daze, and they looked and shifted their weight and then they left  …   There were other galleries, entire floors, no point lingering in a secluded room in which whatever was happening took forever to happen.”

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