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I am surprised [even given the protectionism of the late Herge’s estate] why Tintin has never [at least in a major and official way] received the same treatment that so many other literary heroes have; but in necessarily reverse order. By which I mean, Sherlock Holmes, Indiana Jones, the Scooby-do gang, even the Muppets, etc have all had ‘incarnations’ as their younger selves. In most cases this amounts to little more than an extra way to make some dosh from popular franchises? Though some of the ‘as youngsters’ storylines are both clever [prefiguring events from the official canons] and neatly tie up [if that ever needs doing?] some missing motivational aspects of the characters as adults.

In the case of Tintin, the reverse angle of ‘as older self’ opens up interesting possibilities. How about a harder nosed version of the character who, just like with Sherlock Holmes and his complaints of the narrative driven write ups of Dr Watson, explains that his ‘adventures of‘ incarnation was merely the young adult market, publication friendly version of events.

A world-weary, cynical, curmudgeon of a Tintin, now that might be interesting. Given a certain drawn style [not an attempt to ape Herge’s style, which is where most ‘homages’ fail] and reference to known backstory, it would surely be possible to construct a narrative without once having to even mention characters by names; and hence sidestepping any legal issues.

I am loving this imagined cover by Rob Davis I will have to check out his Don Quixote.

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