one-off at the wrist

Room J-407

Orwell had Room 101 where your worst nightmares resided and now another such room under a different guise? Surely the purpose in the whole of human history of getting intoxicated is the breaking down of barriers and social norms [and/or in the quest for ‘spiritual’ enlightenment]? Whether at carnival or tribal sporting events or in the shaman’s hut or at an initiation or right of passage, the use of alcohol as a ‘relaxant’ is well observed/documented . So what is the purpose of this research? I doubt merely scientific curiosity. I assume  ultimately it is one of state control.


Perhaps in the future rather than a breathalyser after the imbibing of alcohol, there will be a test done before you are allowed to drink which will assess your gender/weight/metabolism/hydration state/mood etc etc and will ‘administer’ only the legally safe number of units which will only see you squiffy but not drunk.

But then maybe this fake pub will not be very different to many such establishments frequented by plastic posers and the rest of the world that is increasingly covered by wall to wall CCTV? Whilst you have to start with some test audience I think though that this research is flawed from the get go as students are unlikely to make the best  guinea pigs.


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