one-off at the wrist


Someday all cities will reflect our dreams of how a futuristic city should look and feel [if one is of a future dystopian frame of mind]? Technology IS making these sci-fi noirish realities closer? Cheap LED colourful lighting, flat screen advertising, interactive displays, touch screen interfaces, pollution, overcrowding, multiculturalism.

adrift-conceptOne thing that seems like it will always remain out of reach however is the sci-fi ubiquitous flying/hovering car. I am still awaiting the  personal jet-packs promised by almost every future story of the 1970s. Who’d have thought that it would be now over 40 years since men have set foot on even our nearest neighbour, the moon. OFF WORLD seems like such a hollow term.


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one-off at the wrist


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one-off at the wrist

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one-off at the wrist

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