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things that go bump

My favourite Animatrix episode, Beyond by Koji Morimoto. Where surrealism and spirituality collide? No wonder [just as with Star Wars] there are those that have made the narrative into a religion.

Wouldn’t it be cool [and make life so much more interesting] if there was ‘variable’ physics at play in our universe / reality. Think movies like The Matrix or Inception or Dark City or Upside Down. Nothing to do with super-human powers like flying or leaping tall buildings with a single bound. Just simple random outcomes to our normally perceived physical laws. So, you knock that mug off the table, perhaps it smashes to the ground as per normal, but perhaps it floats up instead or perhaps it hovers in mid air.

It might make life very difficult [the drink you just poured into your mouth has turned from liquid to solid in an instant] but never dull.


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