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Icy Dead People

pearls before swine

There is something about three panel cartoon strips that seem to lend themselves admirably to ‘philosophical’ type meditations. Panel 1: the set-up. Panel 2: the response. Panel 3: the reflection. Whether the protagonists are sitting at a bar, on a hill top, desert island, roadside, behind a lemonade stall, back porch [think: Peanuts, Andy Capp, ]. Something especially about 3 panels with almost unmoving character and scenery [like a spot the difference competition] triggers a Zen-like calm.

The above Pearl before Swine example found yesterday in London’s Metro made me think of that parlour game Fantasy Dinner Party Guests. Who would you choose? A more difficult question than first appears. No doubt many these days would choose the latest celebrity/nonebrity.

From Debrett’s ‘Hosting a Dinner Party’ etiquette:

… make sure that couples are separated and – if possible – genders alternate. Sit those with similar interests together and balance loudmouths by sitting them at opposite ends of the table. As host it is your duty to ensure conversation flows throughout the meal. Steer it away from topics that you know will be awkward for any of your guests …

The last suggestion kind of robs the whole proceeding of its bite? Whilst one should steer clear of potential dinner table assassination [Professor Plum in the Dining Room with the fish knife], polite conversation does not an interesting evening make.

My dinner guests? American mathematics and science writer Martin Gardner [1914 – 2010], Spanish-Mexican surrealist painter Remedios Varo Uranga [1908 – 1963], English novelist James Graham Ballard [1930 – 2009], Serbian artist Marina Abramović [1946 – ], American fantasy writer Ray Douglas Bradbury [1920 – 2012],  American author Anaïs Nin [1903 – 1977], Belgian comic book writer and artist Georges Prosper Remi [1907 – 1983), Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher [1898 – 1972).

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