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The Airtight Garage

Seemingly, original screenplays are now few and far between [for mainstream Hollywood flics anyway]. Personally I’ve never been that concerned with whether a movie is from an already extant source or not; just whether it is a ‘good’ story well executed or not. If the source material is something well known to you then that can present problems, especially literary sources; as the material has to be condensed for film in a way that is usually unsatisfying [all of the depth gets lost]. Hence the ‘read the book or see the film first’ dilemma.

The one thing that does really grate though is the poor/easy choices made by most major film studios. Film making by formula might be a good idea for a money man [who needs to recoup his investment] but is death to creativity. For example, way back when, we had Superman on the big screen, then Batman. Both proved to be box office gold and have spawned numerous sequels. So Mr movie exec cottons on to comic books/graphic novels as a viable source for screenplays. A succession of adaptations/based on/inspired by/re-imaginings of these stories follow; some more successful than others. But the bottom line is still $£. With the effect that the more well known characters/stories get a I, II, III, IV etc [Supeman, Spiderman, Hulk, Xmen etc] whilst the hidden gems remain … hidden.

One such source [that has had at least a passing attempt at moviefication nearly 20 years ago] is the 1976 Moebius classic The Airtight Garage. Unfortunately even if this project ever eventually gets off the ground its extremely influential creator will never see the result.

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud aka Moebius RIP May 8, 1938 – March 10, 2012.

The Airtight Garage

The Airtight Garage


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2 thoughts on “The Airtight Garage

  1. jumpingpolarbear on said:

    If I see another Superman in my lifetime I will go insane :). Also saw on the wordpress forum your issue with the mature thing and couldn’t agree more. That one person who can’t handle art marks your blog as mature is just stupid. Good thing you got it resolved!

    • Kinda. Really funny actually considering the post was sort of about censorship. Unfortunately I’m the type of person that now wants to push more to find those ‘invisible’ boundaries – stay tuned lol

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