one-off at the wrist

PhD 2013

So I’ve been thinking about it for over a decade. Unfortunately my interests are so broad that honing it down to what I’d like to research for several years is rather daunting. I have long said it would have to be a ‘PhD by other means’ i.e. ‘non-standard’ research demands ‘non-standard’ adjudication?


Research area obviously has to be in the realms of ‘experimental’ writing, film narrative [visual as well as screenplay], and art [book cover design especially]. Connected to producing content [practice based]. Some topics I am interested in:

  • How ‘experimental’ can you get? [content/structure/delivery method]
  • Copyright/plagiarism[Oscar Wilde “Good writers borrow, great writers steal.”
  • Narrative and pattern making.
  • Concrete prose
  • Book cover art as narrative germ [Arnold Böcklin’s Isle of the Dead as an image “to dream by”]

The idea behind starting this blog [3 months ago already] was to try and see what common themes came up in my interests; so as to make finding a PhD research topic easier. Am still at sixes and sevens though.

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