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So ‘Boris Bikes‘ are everywhere and getting everywherer all the time – spreading East like a cancerous growth, taking up every spare bit of sidewalk. Even ex Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has tried them out whilst visiting  London.

Of course this type of scheme had been used in several places on the continent [and beyond] for many years before arriving here. Arguably its success in London is actually an indictment of cycling in the Capital? If there were more secure lock up points for bicycles and thieving was discouraged by harsher penalties, one would think more cyclists would own their own bike, and therefore Boris Bikes would be unnecessary.

I have long held the desire to organise a flash mob style intervention to selectively ‘re-position’  the extant stock of bikes in their docking stations to ‘protest’ at the poor job Serco are doing at keeping the fleet in good circulation [numerous are the complaints of not being able to offload a bike due to already full drop off points] and upset official movement statistics. Every Friday the 13th every single bike in the Capital ends up in South West London, say.

The thing I love most about the scheme [certainly not being nearly run over by Boris Bike cyclists on the pavement – isn’t that illegal?] is when a new docking station is about to be installed. For a couple of days before installation begins it appears that artists getting ready to celebrate the centenary of Kazimir Malevich’s 1915 pioneering painting Black Square have been practicing on the pavement. [aside: Malevich’s work is featured prominently in the Lars Von Trier film Melancholia. see post 11 Oct 2012]


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  1. Today’s post, [having made a certain amount of content] has brought up the ‘older entries’ link at the bottom of the Blog – feels like a real enterprise now …

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