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Brave new world

So okay it’s not the weekend yet [I promised signage on Sundays], but ‘celebrating’ a whole week of blogging [have also started another blog ‘Gott im Himmel!’ Two in seven days!?] I couldn’t help but wonder why or how [time-wise] people are able to blog and have lives? [If anything more than the most basic diaristic content is to be offered that is. ]

Seemingly this is why micro blogging has taken off? Can’t see the point myself. Perhaps “The President is dead!” or “Let’s have a revolution!” make it a speedier and therefore more useful tool than traditional News sources/message propagation channels, but “Just scratched my arse!”, which is what I gather is the dominant form of post given such meagre character constraints [not that brevity need be a bar to quality necessarily of course; flash fiction and shorter has been around for many years] has little value to my mind.

Strangely enough [having a Masters degree in IT, 15 years ago just as the internet was starting to really take off] I have come late to this connected/social media world [by no means a Luddite but am still holding out on FB and Twit, frankly who has the time?]. Whilst I can see their usefulness for some things, it appears on the whole a greater means to speak has equalled a lesser amount to say – of quality anyway. [discuss]. This article is most interesting.

Offered for thought. I have been passing this ‘street art’ on a derelict building overlooking the Canary Wharf financial district of London for the past 9 months. Easily read as a social commentary on the global financial crises of the past couple of years, but perhaps also readable as something broader?


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