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I am loving this video and track. New imagining of Rollerball? Seems to merge Baseball, American Football and Rollerball. Only just learnt of this band. So there are still interesting videos being made.


Another ‘texty’ type offering. I love the simple Saul Bass bold coloured style of image. It has been used a lot on London Transport recently. The ‘watch your step’ poster certainly looks very Hitchcockian. The attitude minds me of North by North-west and Roger Thornhill running away from the swooping biplane.


moving type

Alex Gopher – The Child 1999

I have been making a page for listing some music videos that I remember are pretty cool, and I am surprised [though it isn't a particularly memorable tune] that this video isn’t more widely known? It came out the same year as The Matrix and is in my opinion one of the most creative uses of typeface I have ever seen in a music video.

I am of course interested in everything typographical. I always try to pop into the British Museum when passing, to look at the artefacts that seem to conflate text and physical object.




Looks like a pretty cool derivation-extension of draughts/checkers. Blindside. Unfortunately these types of abstract strategy board game never become uber successful in the long term? Anyone remember Kensington? I think I still have a set around somewhere. Personally I think this type of game should be taught in school.



salesman’s dummy

Probably not something most people know about? Gallery proofs, advanced reader copies, uncorrected proofs, dummy editions.

The Silmarillion, London George Allen & Unwin, 1977. First Edition. Publisher salemans dummy copy used in advance of the books publication - € 900 -

The Silmarillion, 1977. Publisher saleman’s dummy copy €900

I have a few uncorrected proofs picked up here and there, but must admit I have never heard the term dummy edition before now. I do have a book with a full cover but empty bound pages but I assumed it was some kind of ‘jokey’ enterprise. Perhaps I will need to dig it out and look again.

I would have thought that pre-edition copies of a book would be more prized than they seem to be? Especially if there were significant alterations to the text before the final issue. And with digital books becoming more prevalent these types of book might become a thing of the past?



A fantastic looking book, though extremely pricey these days. Perhaps this is the way most books will end up? Small editions for a select audience; with everything else being merely e-book versions. Book as art, book as object, book as prize possession. Almost then a return to where books started.

Luigi Serafini's Codex Seraphinianus

Luigi Serafini, Codex Seraphinianus, 1981

Artists have studied this book’s illustrations, philosophers have pondered the book’s meaning, codebreakers have tried to decipher the text, science fiction and fantasy fans have embraced it, whilst collectors just want to own it.


Sometimes you claw through some reading because you feel you ought to rather than because you want to, necessarily. I have just finished reading another title that has been on a shelf for months, waiting, Waves by Virginia Woolf. Apparently her most ‘experimental’ novel [playpoem]. Ground-breaking in 1931 perhaps …

Masculine Waves, Katsushika Hokusai

Masculine Waves, Katsushika Hokusai

I love the ‘static’ waves scenery descriptive interludes, I like the stream of conscious character voices merging, I like the ‘through a lifetime  story events, and there are certainly interesting author through character-mouth philosophical insights and humour, but the actual tale is of no appeal. Or rather the incidents that make up the ‘narrative’.

At least I got to read a hardback, hardcopy 1963 edition from a library reserve stock collection; which hasn’t been out in the light since 2006.

I begin to long for some little language such as lovers use, broken words, inarticulate words, like the shuffling of feet on pavement.

Virginia Woolf, The Waves

Hokusai wave

I have never seen this Katsushika Hokusai print before, Feminine Waves. Fascinating riff on his more famous work Mount Fuji Seen Below a Wave at Kanagawa. I have always loved his luscious palette but this is deliriously opulent.



Bf9XuI5CMAENoFS An interesting radio prog. Can’t beat a bit of Borges. Condensed story telling. My biggest regret/concern about the nature of libraries these days is not necessarily down to the change in actual content [though this is increasingly poor]. It is more the change in décor. By which I mean the change in architecture; both the interior design and the furniture. Trinity-College-Library Modern [though extremely useful] technology, and design is rather cool and detached compared to the old style library of card index draws, wooden shelves with carved finials, loan stamps, low level lighting, hushed voices, etc. In other words a very physical, almost spiritual experience; as opposed to a very ‘commercial’, quick picks experience. New-York-Public-Library-photo-440x260 No, the perfect library is a a haven of silence cosseted by monolithic stacks in a labyrinth of intimate rooms housing books that at least metaphorically need chaining down. One fears however that apart from great academic libraries [which no member of the public visits] all such places will be lost within a generation? tumblr_ljncs9y0ty1qbut96o1_400 I believe the popularity of visits to old houses/castles/historic interiors is not down to idle curiosity, but to some kind of longing for engagement with a now sadly lost ‘reflective’ atmosphere which the modern world rarely offers?

here be demons

Sometimes you are just too late for the party. This looked like such a great [but hugely ambitious] idea. Logging all the connections/references between the places, people, brands, works of art, and even drinks mentioned in different works of fiction and across all media platforms. What a massive cataloguing exercise that would have been.

Unfortunately smalldemons doesn’t seem to have survived funding problems? I am sure at some point it will return as it is just too good an idea. Just as with product placement in movies, a database that can list song tracks [that you can then download] or innumerable other items that you can then be connected with and perhaps purchase. In fact may be this is the future of literature? Barely disguised narrative selling wares; rather than ideas.

Yes indeed that old exquisite corpse type parlour game, where you read some text and leave blanks that others fill in with pre-decided but random words. So, self-print books that fill in the sponsors’ names as per author royalty arrangements. Just as you can now order personalised books [where your name is added as a character]; seems a bit Fahrenheit 451 with its  interactive ‘family’ telescreen soap opera. The ultimate ‘me’ generation accessory?

Strangely enough I saw [first time in years] the movie Demolition Man last night and was at first a little confused. Then I realised the restaurant name had been changed from Taco Bell to Pizza Hut.

Apparently for some non-American releases, references to Taco Bell were changed to Pizza Hut because the latter had a much larger share of foreign fast food markets in the early 1990s [I only recall one Taco Bell in London, near Olympia, years ago]. These changes to the movie included dubbing and changing the logos during post-production.

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